A six-year-old US girl has "forgiven" the shark that attacked her.

Lucy Mangum was playing on her boogie board in less than half a metre of water in North Carolina, when she was bitten twice by a blacktip shark on her right leg, exposing tendons and muscle, ninemsn reported.

But Mangum told reporters that the shark "didn't really mean to do it".

"I don't care that the shark bit me - I forgive him."


Lucy suffered severe injuries to her calf muscles, achilles tendon and other tendons, but doctors expect her to make a full recovery, reported the website.

Mangum's father, an emergency room doctor, wrapped her leg in a T-shirt as they waited for a helicopter to take them to hospital, said ninemsn.

"She was talking to me and actually asking questions right after it happened, so I knew she would be OK."

Despite offering her forgiveness, sharks will never be her favourite.

"I like dolphins way better."

- NZ Herald staff