A 27-year-old man employed at creches in Amsterdam has confessed to sexually abusing 83 children, AFP reported, a month after his arrest.

"During questioning, he confessed to having sexually abused 83 children," prosecution spokesman Franklin Wattimena said.

"The questioning continues, and we don't know whether he will confess to more."

All parents have been personally informed of the man's claims, said Wattimena.

The suspect, a Dutch citizen of Latvian origin, was arrested in Amsterdam on December 7 on a tip-off from US authorities. He is also suspected of having produced and distributed child pornography.

He was employed by at least two creches with children up to four years of age in Amsterdam between February 2007 and January 2010, AFP reported.

He also worked as a baby sitter since 2009, making contact with parents via the internet.

Two others, including the man's spouse, are also in custody.