SYDNEY - A lie detector stunt that backfired when a 14-year-old girl reluctantly revealed she had been raped has sparked angry criticism of a Sydney radio show and numerous calls to child welfare authorities.

The girl was subjected to a live polygraph test on 2Day FM's Kyle & Jackie O Show on Wednesday morning after apparently being forced into participating by her mother.

When her mother asked the teenager if she was sexually active the girl replied: "I've already told you the story about this ... and don't look at me and smile because it's not funny."

Raising her voice she then said: "Oh, OK, I got raped when I was 12 years old."

Sandilands responded by asking: "Is that the only experience you've had?" before the segment was brought to an end.

Karen Willis of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre said she was disgusted by the entire segment.

"I was pretty appalled with the whole process from beginning to end," Ms Willis told AAP.

"Setting up a young woman like that is unethical in the extreme.

"The girl was just abused again and it's not good enough."

2Day FM was in damage control on Wednesday afternoon and said the station was offering the girl support and counselling.

In a statement, Sandilands and Jackie O expressed their regret, but did not apologise.

"We feel terrible about the turn of events this morning," the statement said.

"Had we known ahead of time this segment would never have gone to air.

"Whilst we're never usually lost for words, this morning we were shocked and dumbfounded by what we heard."

Their sentiments were echoed by station general manager Jenny Parkes.

"In the normal course of preparing the segment all due care and consideration was given to the family and clearly we didn't know anything about this traumatic incident," Ms Parkes said.

Australian Communications and Media Authority spokesman Donald Robinson said his organisation had received complaints about the segment but 2Day FM must respond in the first instance.

"If the complainant is not satisfied with 2Day FM's response they can bring their complaint to us," Mr Robinson said.

The segment sparked angry criticism from members of the public with calls to talkback radio stations and the Department of Community Services (DOCS)

Comment was being sought from DOCS, which says it is reportedly looking into the girl's welfare.