Key Points:

Palestinian supporters in New Zealand are planning to protest against Israel's bombardment of Gaza.

The supporters will march through the streets in Wellington tomorrow to protest against Israel's air and ground offensive in Gaza.

They also called on the New Zealand Government to end its neutral stance but Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully said the Government "is not prepared to choose sides".

Last week 300 demonstrators protested against the Israeli air offensive by burning the American flag in Aotea Square in Auckland. One protester had earlier stomped on the flag outside the American consulate.

Israel's weeklong aerial bombardment of Gaza has sparked strong condemnation across the Muslim and Arab world. About 500 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1600 wounded, according to Gaza officials.

Mr McCully said the government's stance was in line with the international community, including the United Nations and European Union, the Dominion Post reported.

Israel must cease attacks on Palestinian targets and Hamas must cease the flow of mortar bombs and rockets into Israel, Mr McCully said.

Palestinian supporter Omar Kharmoun said governments were not responding to the outrage because "they are either timid or bluntly supporting what is happening, and waiting for Israel to finish the job".

Waikato Jewish Association spokesman Beni Tobias said the Israeli Government was doing what was necessary to protect its citizens, and that its actions were justified by international law.