Key Points:

Austrian police are at the centre of a storm after interrogation reports were leaked showing that the kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch admitted she "willingly" had sex with her captor, Wolfgang Priklopil.

She also indicated that Priklopil - who killed himself in the hours following her escape - had accomplices; something she later denied. And the papers also reveal she was examined by a gynaecologist and left a suspicion that she may have become pregnant by Priklopil while in captivity, prompting speculation in Austrian and German media that she had a baby while being held.

The leaks come four weeks before her mother is due in court over accusations that she gave her daughter away so she could hide her own abuse of her, as well as continue an "unfettered and colourful" social life.

Kampusch has been unable to staunch media interest in her extraordinary story since she freed herself on August 23, 2006. She is said to be "incensed" at the leaks. Now 20, and 5 million ($12.6 million) richer from syndicated television interviews and photos, she is nevertheless finding it hard to control a voracious press.

The police tried to seal paperwork relating to her case as it was deemed too explosive to reveal. But last week in Austria the dam finally burst. Priklopil was exposed as a sado-masochist whose activities were covered up by police.

The newspaper Heute received witness statements testifying about Priklopil's love of S and M and how he routinely hurt females dressed as schoolgirls. Photographs of Kampusch being used as a sex slave by her kidnapper were hidden by police.

In the leaked documents, Sabine Freudenberger, the first person to interview Kampusch at the police station, said: "I only really asked her three questions - whether she had had sex with her kidnapper, how it is that after all this time she seemed to be so educated and whether there were accomplices.

"She admitted that she had had sex with him and that she had done that voluntarily. She had been given books by him to read, could listen to the radio and was given videos to see. When asked if there were any accomplices she said: `I do not know any names."'