The sunshine and balmy temperatures of yesterday are set to continue for the rest of the weekend bringing the weather wary out of hibernation.

People across the country welcomed the sunshine taking to beaches, bush walks and in Auckland slipping and sliding at the Mud Monster Mud Run.

MetService meteorologist Rabi Kandula said the warm weather would stay - at least for the weekend.

"It's going to be a great, fine day for most parts of the country," he said.


In north Auckland families are expected to make the most of the sunshine at the annual Mud Monster Mud Run - a 2.5km obstacle course, at Massey University in Albany, with mud pits, water slides, tyre mountains and climbing walls.

Yesterday's high of 16 degrees isn't expected today - but it will get close with a high of 14 degrees expected in Auckland.

For the lower western part of the North Island there was a possibility of an afternoon shower otherwise it was high cloud and mainly dry.

And while most woke up to sunshine this morning it will be later today before Gisborne and Wairarapa feel the heat.

Strong gales were expected this morning around the east coast before easing in the early afternoon.

Those soaking in the rays are best to make the most of it - in true Spring style tomorrow brings the return of rain.

​What's in store

Auckland: High of 14C, low of 9C, with a little cloud and southwest breezes.
Hamilton: High of 14C, low of 2C. Sunny with southwest breezes.
Tauranga: 16C high, 3C low with plenty of sunshine and fresh southwesterlies.
Wellington: 10C high, 5C low. Fine spells and chilly southerlies.