It's a mixed bag of weather for the last week of the school holidays with some sunshine expected alongside a few thunderstorms.

Much of the country is having a wet start to the week, though the weather is supposed to clear by Thursday before a front sets in again for the weekend.

Metservice meteorologist Georgina Griffiths said there's a high chance of thunderstorms hitting Northland today, along with regions north of Auckland like Pukekohe South.

This likelihood extends down to Taupo in areas like Whanganui and New Plymouth and across the central Western North Island.


Griffiths said the thunderstorms would likely be "vigorous" and bouts of rain could be heavy, though short-lived.

An exception to the rain is Invercargill, where sunshine and a high of 20 degrees makes it the place to be on Monday.

A heavy rain warning is in place today for the Bay of Plenty - making a wet welcome for the America's Cup in Edgecumbe likely.

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A severe weather warning is also in place for the Kaikoura ranges, where periods of heavy rain should continue into the afternoon.

The rain is expected to ease in the main centres by Wednesday evening, clearing in time for a fine, sunny Thursday.

This excludes the capital, where light showers will pepper an overcast day.

Weather around the country


A soggy start to the week, but those North of Auckland can look forward to the weather clearing up around Wednesday. Temperatures averaging 18 degrees.


Temperatures sitting around 18 degrees. Overcast for much of the week, with showers set to clear by Thursday.


No surprises here, it'a a blustery week for Wellingtonians. Winds could reach gale-force on Wednesday and Friday. Rain looks set to stick around until Friday, and temperatures are sitting around 16 degrees.


Occasional showers will clear up by Thursday, when some sunny weather sets in for the weekend. A cooler Monday and Tuesday heat up to 20 degrees on Friday.


Temperatures averaging 16 degrees, with periodic rain throughout the week.