Two National MPs are facing a social media onslaught after speaking out on the country's new abortion law.

The bill was passed on March 19 with a 68-51 majority with members of all parties using their conscience vote on the day.

However, what appears to have drawn the ire of the pro-abortion lobby, is Whanganui MP Harete Hipango drawing a link between abortion and an RNZ story with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who talks about infant mortality and how the country could do more to support people going through it.

Hipango called Ardern's comments hypocritical after she voted in favour of abortion.


"For a PM who supports abortion to full term (yes that's right a full term baby up until birth can be aborted)," she wrote.

"(And for those who denounce and decry saying nonsense it would never occur, the fact is this PM supported this law being made - it is lawful, whether or not it is utilised) ... this recent stance by the PM is rank and riles me as a woman who is a mother and has also advocated for children's welfare all my professional working life as a lawyer.

For a PM who supports abortion to full term (yes that’s right a full term baby up until birth can be aborted- and for...

Posted by Harete Hipango MP on Sunday, 26 July 2020

"The hypocrisy is astounding," she wrote.

Her post was then shared by fellow National MP Simon O'Connor, who wrote "Good on you Harete Hipango MP - calling out the PM once again for displaying a galling lack of consistency".

Many supported her post, one wrote, "Thank you so very much for speaking up on this Harete. These kind of 'sneaky' changes to our laws need to part of the campaign to show the clear narcissistic ideals that have perpetuated throughout this coalition's term. Am right behind you Harete."

However, those who disagreed, who Harete dubbed "Labour trolls", stated she only shared the post as her party was currently "down in the polls".

One follower was also quick to point out that her view appeared to differ from National Party leader Judith Collins, who voted in favour of the new legislation.

"And YOUR party leader Judith Collins voted in favour too. Why aren't you criticising her with the same falsehoods?" the man wrote.


When questioned by the Herald today, Collins said she couldn't speak to whether Hipango had misrepresented Ardern by saying she supported full-term abortions because she hadn't seen the post.

"I assume Harete is speaking from a position of her own belief - she's a very strong Catholic and her views are her own and they are not mine."

Collins said abortion was an issue which their party took as a conscience issue.

"It is certainly not something that we have a party position on. I personally voted for the legislation. Harete is very strongly opposed to the legislation and the National Party people are allowed to have views that are not necessarily my views."

Ardern today said every MP had a right to their own views.

"But all I ask is that they're based on fact."


Ardern said she'd seen the legislative changes characterised in a way that didn't reflect the law change.

National Party leader Judith Collins says abortion is an issue which their party took as a conscience issue. Photo / Mark Mitchell
National Party leader Judith Collins says abortion is an issue which their party took as a conscience issue. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Hipango's post also made it to Twitter, where one person felt Hipango was using abortion to "make disgusting points".

"Using abortion, or using those who may choose to, or have to have an abortion, to make disgusting points that are unrelated to this story is gross."

However, Hipango remained steadfast in her view and write back to several posters.

To one she wrote, "I stand tall. Always have. Always will. It's when others go low, I rise further", and replied to another how an abortion can now be carried out at full term, "A child in utero is NOT a women's body."

"It is a human being separate though dependant on the woman/mother. If an abortion is to be effected it should be before 12 weeks. But the law permits up to full term. Fact," she wrote.