HAVE we gone PC mad in New Zealand or are we just a controlling species?

It seems something is wrong in our society when our children can't make a statement by their appearance.

A young man has been indefinitely stood down at Tararua College for shaving a tribal pattern on one side of his head. It's considered offensive.

Yes I know he must abide by the rules but surely a pleasantly shaved head with a tribal statement can't be offensive.


It's neat and tidy and looks quite smart, if you ask me.

It seems his hairdo is against the school rules of neat, smart and tidy so he can't be in class.

Heaven forbid he might encourage others to be individual.

He's been told to grow it out before he can return to school.

Shaving the design off will leave his hair too short.

Keep in mind this is a young man who wants to be in school and doesn't appear to be a rat bag who gives the teacher a mile of grief or disrupts class.

He's never been expelled or stood down.

But while he is forbidden to sit in class with mates, it appears he is a good basketball player for the school, so he can still play on the school team.

This is where I have difficulty coming to terms with the school's stance. You'd think if this was about the rules then him out representing the school would be the first thing those in power would want to shut down.

Every parent and player of the opposing team gets to see this young man sporting his tribal markings.

In my mind you'd think if it was so offensive or so against the rules that he can't be in school to influence others then he jolly well shouldn't be representing the school in public.

On any rugby field you'd get to see such personal statements.

Just look at the All Blacks; Ma'a Nonu's dreadlocks don't seem to offend the public.

In fact I'm sure there are kids all over this country doing their best to grow themselves a similar style.

If this young man wants to be in school and isn't disruptive then leave his hairdo alone.

After all it is just a hairdo.