A Carterton hairdressers had a close shave yesterday morning when a vehicle careered into the shop's window, leaving staff "pretty shaken up".

Headquarters Hair and Beauty owner Leia Cooper said it was only her and one other staff member working at the time of the crash, which was "lucky" because if it had been busier, someone would have been in the direct line of danger.

"The place where the car came through - that's my manageress's normal seat," Mrs Cooper said.

"That's where she always sits. It's just that it's a Monday so we've got less people in today so she was in somebody else's seat.


"She's pretty upset by it."

Mrs Cooper said a client was getting their hair cut at the time of the crash which happened just after 9.30am.

"The car that came around the roundabout was T-boned by another car and there was a huge noise," she said.

"The sound just felt like it went on for ages.

"I was actually out the back but I ran out the front to grab my manager and sort of pulled her to the side and the car came through the window probably about half a foot."

Police traffic sergeant Shayne Nolan said a woman who was driving a Kia had failed to give way at the roundabout outside the hairdressers.

"So that vehicle was struck in the side by a 4WD vehicle which then veered off course and did some damage to the building," he said.

"Nobody was injured although the female driver of the Kia was a bit shaken up."

He said there were no other factors involved in the collision but "obviously with the weather the way it was visibility was not optimal".

"We do recommend that people drive with their headlights on in wet conditions, just to maximise visibility on the roads.

"Though that does not appear to be a factor in this instance."

Mrs Cooper said she hoped insurance would cover the costs of the damage to the building.

It was the worst time of the year to have had the window smashed - "right in the middle of winter when we're supposed to be keeping warm".

She sent her staff home shortly after the incident and closed for the day.