As promised, Westpac's "People's Chopper" has been decorated with Facebook profile photos, a promotion from May's Westpac Chopper Appeal.

Those who donated online during the appeal had the opportunity to upload their Facebook profile picture, which was then printed on the helicopter.

Westpac's acting director of corporate affairs, Grant Fleming, said the concept of wrapping the Waikato-based chopper with the faces of the appeal's online supporters was Westpac's way of paying homage to those who donated to the crucial service.

"New Zealand's rescue helicopters rely on donations from everyday Kiwis, so for this year's Chopper Appeal we wanted to give these people a spot on the side of a rescue helicopter to really bring the concept to life in a visual way."


Wairarapa's Westpac rescue helicopter, operated by the Life Flight Trust, saved 212 people in Wairarapa in the year to March 31. In two years, they saved 378.

It costs on average $2500 per mission.