A woman who was instrumental in bringing Masterton's town square into being has cut ties with it because she claims the district council refuses to take responsibility for the square.

Landscape designer Lyn Eglinton had organised a volunteer working bee for next Saturday to dig out dead and dying trees, replace them with new ones and install a proper irrigation system.

Masterton district councillors discussed the town square at a committee meeting to which the press and public were excluded this week and, according to Mrs Eglinton, had failed to show any support for tree replacement plans.

As a result Mrs Eglinton has cancelled an order for replacement plane trees and has called off the volunteers.


The work was to cost the council only the price of the trees, with all other work being donated.

Mrs Eglinton described the state of the town square as being "a disgrace" with the original trees dying off through neglect.

"They were not planted properly.

"The holes were not big enough and there was an aquifer deficiency.

"We had plans for a big day next Saturday to dig out the dead trees and for skilled people to replace them and install the irrigation system which would have been put into place even under the tiles, without disturbing them.

"But now I have called the day off," she said.

Mrs Eglinton said, after the council meeting this week, she had been contacted by chief executive Pim Borren who said he had "defended" her at the meeting at which it had been "made clear that neither you or I own the town square".

Mr Borren had told her the council would ultimately decide the way forward and had tasked him with gathering further information.

Mrs Eglinton said she accepted she did not own the town square but "clearly I have been the only person prepared to take responsibility for it".

She said: "[The council's] vapid inability to agree on anything is the reason for the woeful state of the town square."

"The responsibility lies firmly at their door."

Mrs Eglinton said she believed a new council would take a more positive approach to the square.

"I have already met with some candidates, with this in mind," she said.

While saying she didn't need defending, Mrs Eglinton thanked Mr Borren for his support.

"I did not know you were unaware of the proposed planting day and I suspect this is yet another indication of the way this current council works," she said.