Masterton Intermediate School pupil Millie Matthews and classmate Leila Ward have helped gather more than 300 cans of food for the Masterton Foodbank during Millie's latest drive for charity.

The pair of 12-year-old friends had taken two weeks to gather 366 cans of food, Millie said, which they were to take to the foodbank yesterday.

The greater number of cans were raised this week, she said, with students encouraged to bring in a can on Wednesday and in return receive a barbecued sausage in a slice of bread.

"I read the foodbank had almost no food left and we decided to help them out. I was so surprised to get so many cans and I think I have also got more muscle from shifting them around as well."


The can drive is the latest in a series of charities Millie had led that included $3000 for Carterton teen Grace Yeats, who was left unable to move or speak when she developed a rare brain disease days after her 10th birthday; and raised funds and made care packages for Starship Hospital.

"It makes me feel good that I'm helping other people. I read about Grace and the foodbank and thought 'hey I can do something for them', so I did," Millie said.