A stencil-making workshop that aims to raise youth awareness about the importance of protecting the district's waterways is being held in Featherston today.

The workshop is being run by Carterton resident Esther Dijkstra at the Featherston Community Centre from 10am-2pm.

Mrs Dijkstra, a sustainability advisor who works with Wairarapa schools, said it was about connecting young people with the district's streams, rivers and lakes, and highlighting the importance of protecting them.

"Stormwater drains, the ones that run along the streets taking water that runs out from houses, the water goes straight to the streams. It doesn't go through the wastewater pant.


"There's quite a lot of the population that doesn't realise that water from the streets runs directly into the creeks."

The stencil's will be sprayed next to drains in the town, as a reminder to the community.

Mrs Dijkstra said workshop goers would design their own drain stencils with messages "along the lines of drains are for rain."