Carterton District Council is querying the transport agency's plan to install further side barriers along SH2.

Speaking to transport consultant Roger Boulter at a CDC meeting on Wednesday, Mayor John Booth said many people were raising concerns about the use of the side barriers.

"My concern is that it's a safety enhancement but a lot of people say it's making it much more dangerous."

He asked if Mr Boulter could raise the issue next time he met with the agency's engineers.


"I think it's worth having that discussion because a lot of people have expressed concern," Mr Booth said.

Mr Boulter agreed to raise the issue with NZTA, saying it would be worth asking if they might have made a mistake.

"I've said to them, are you sure this is the right thing because I thought their approach on highways was a clear zone."

Mr Boulter has been engaged by council to undertake a review of its walking and cycling strategy, adopted in 2011.