A man who stomped his partner's head so hard he left the imprint of his shoe there was yesterday sentenced to six months' home detention.

Teahoe Robert Harrison, 26, was sentenced on Tuesday in Masterton District Court for injuring with intent to injure, and a separate street assault the judge said was unprovoked.

On June 3 last year, Harrison was drunk and got into an argument with his partner, during which he "grabbed her hair and began throwing her around by it", the judge, Barbara Morris, said.

Harrison had hit the victim with his arm, which had a cast on it, knocking her to the ground, the judge said.


"You then stomped on her head with such force that the pattern of your shoe was imprinted on the side of her head".

The victim had managed to run to a neighbour and, though Harrison followed, he left when asked to. The woman had "two severely black eyes", and injury to her forehead from the stomping, and soft tissue damage to her arm.

In the street assault, the first of the two, Harrison had been in central Masterton on May 28 last year and approached the victim, who was "minding his own business", after which an argument developed over a cigarette, according to Judge Morris.

Harrison had punched the victim several times and then he and a co-offender kicked him in the head while he was on the ground. The victim had swelling and bruising over his left eye, which he was unable to open.

Judge Morris said Harrison had pleaded guilty, although "it certainly wasn't the first opportunity", and had already been in custody for three months.

The judge said Harrison was motivated to address his substance abuse and had good family support.

"Most people stand where you are without anyone at all."

Judge Morris sentenced Harrison to six months' home detention and ordered him to pay $20 reparation on a shoplifting charge.

The judge told him: "If you are back for anything to do with vicious violence, the only question for the Court will be how long to lock you up for, to protect the community".