Property sales are taking off in Eketahuna with at least 11 properties selling there in the past two months, including the former restaurant Brookfields on Alfredton Road, sold to a Wellington buyer.

The historic 1900s character home was formerly owned by Corrina Carew and husband Terry who always knew that Eketahuna was "the place to be".

"And it's just been proven by the amount of houses that have been sold," she said.

"Ours was a very quick sale too " the guy came on Tuesday and bought it on Friday."


The Carews are staying in Eketahuna to live the "easy life" at another property they bought there.

Also, new to Eketahuna are Masterton couple Peter and Karen Teahan, who are moving from Mikimiki to a property in High St, Eketahuna, after having bought it last year.

"Eketahuna attracted us because of the community feel," Mr Teahan said.

"We bought a property last September because it was a very attractive property " it needs a bit of work, but we bought it at an extremely good price.

"It gives us surplus cash to just retire on basically " the both of us."

They'll be moving in after Easter.

LJ Hooker Masterton owner David McHattie said Brookfields was one of three properties his agency had sold in the past two months. "The interest that we've had in property is generally the well-maintained character-type properties because they're pretty good value in Eketahuna," he said.

Farmlands real estate agent Ondy Herrick has sold three Eketahuna properties in the past month and has noticed "way more enquiries in the past three months or so" than there has been previously.

"I think there's certainly a lot of hype with the reconstruction of the main street and what not," she said. "It's started a bit of a ball rolling I think. People are excited to move to the town.

"The prices are lower than anywhere around but there's also a nice community atmosphere up there and I've met some fantastic people there in my travels."

Property Brokers real estate agent Brent Woodmass has sold "five or six" Eketahuna properties in the past two months, but said the sales boom was more to do with value for money than the impending town upgrade.

"It's pretty exciting and I've got another two to sell this week hopefully," Mr Woodmass said.

"A majority of buyers are from outside the area and the reason they go to Eketahuna is strictly because of the value.

"You can buy something in Masterton for $400,000, and that same property in Eketahuna is probably worth about $250,000.

"So people buying in Eketahuna see an affordable home that they can pay off sooner and only take a few years to get a deposit on it."

Mr Woodmass said there were a lot more people that can afford a cheaper home with the interest rates being so low.

"It's good for Eketahuna."

A further 20 houses in the country town are listed for sale on with prices ranging from $85,000 to $355,000.

Tararua District Mayor Roly Ellis said he believes people are seeing the good value of these houses in a friendly rural town.

"We saw this in Woodville when we had the upgrade there, and I am sure there will be a knock on effect with sales of houses and opportunities for new businesses," he said.