Kids will have access to a free, hands-on road rules experience if a proposed cycle track in Masterton goes ahead.

Former president of Masterton South Rotary Club and businessman John Bunny envisions a cycle track, complete with pedestrian crossings, roundabouts and road signs, for kids to learn the rules of the road in a fun way.

The road safety cycle track is proposed to be built next to the northern roundabout on its east side, close to the skate park.

Mr Bunny said he was inspired to build a cycle track when he was visiting his son in Australia but has since seen them in Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, and Napier.


"Australia is where I saw these enhanced cycle tracks originally," he said.

"Coming back from there I thought, gee, that would be a great thing to have for Masterton.

"The whole idea is that it creates a safe area for learners and that's what it's all about. It's for children to come and learn how to ride a bike and learn how to abide by the road rules in a safe environment where adults can come along to supervise."

The project, estimated to cost $85,000, is still in its infant stage, and Mr Bunny has yet to formally approach funders.

He approached Masterton District Council to discuss funding for the fencing which will surround the track, and he will make a presentation to the directors of the Masterton South Rotary Club next week to discuss funding for the track itself.

"Once that meeting has been held and the Rotary Club decides what level of funding it's coming in at, that allows me to go to the other funders I need to go to to raise the money," he said.

"I just think it will be such an asset to the town and it will enhance the area further, from the mini-putt to the Kids' Own Playground, to the skate park and the half-court.

"It'll be just one more facility for the kids in town to be able to enjoy, and I think it will attract people in its own right," Mr Bunny said.