A series of questions are to be put to the trust that runs the all-weather athletics track in Masterton, seeking answers on usage, income and some other aspects of its operation.

This was agreed to at a meeting of Masterton District Council's Policy and Finance Committee on Wednesday after councillor Brent Goodwin had tabled a notion of motion.

The vote to seek answers from Wairarapa Regional All Weather Track Trust was tied four-all.

But it was allowed to proceed when mayor Lyn Patterson, who initially voted against doing so, cast a deciding vote to allow the questions to be put.


Councillor Jonathan Hooker declared a vested interest and took no part in the debate and councillor Mark Harris was absent from the meeting.

Mr Goodwin told the committee he was seeking answers from the trust to "bring clarity to an issue which has been bubbling on for some time".

He was supported by councillor Gary Caffell who said he had asked questions of the trust over quite a long period and had not received replies that satisfied him.

He said the trust had an important role to play in making the athletics track work.

"It is not working now as it should be," he said.

Mr Caffell said the trust did not appear to have enough money to be able to deal with unplanned costs "if something major happened" and "somewhere along the line the council may have to seriously look at taking over that side of things".

Councillor Chris Peterson voted against putting the questions to the trust for answer along with Pip Hannon and Graham McClymont.