A man who poured petrol outside his partner's home was convicted on Thursday of threatening behaviour.

Billy Phillip Neumann, 20, pleaded guilty in Masterton District Court and was remanded on bail for sentencing.

Neumann also pleaded guilty to wilful damage, possession of cannabis and breach of bail.

Judge Walsh said on February 14 Neumann become involved in an argument with his partner and had been asked to leave the Masterton house. He refused and verbally abused her, before going outside for a cigarette.


The woman locked the door to the house, concerned that the arguing would wake their 2-year-old child. Neumann smashed the glass to the door and went back in.

The woman tried to call police but Neumann grabbed her phone and threw it to the ground, smashing it.

He then picked up a microwave oven and threw it at the wall, breaking the oven and leaving a hole in the wall.

Neumann then threatened to burn the house down and went outside, returning with a petrol can.

The woman returned to her bedroom to be with her child. Coming out, she saw liquid on the kitchen floor and saw Neumann emerging with the petrol can, asking his brother if he had a lighter.

The woman demanded that Neumann leave but he said he would not until his mother came and picked him up.

He finished his cigarette and then came back to where the woman was in the bedroom with the child, continuing to argue with her despite requests to leave.

Neumann's mother then arrived and they left the address. Judge Walsh remanded Neumann for sentencing on March 23, granted bail to a Greytown address with a curfew of 8pm to 7am.