Organisers of the revived Featherston triathlon are "jubilant" at the success of the event on Saturday.

The triathlon, put together at Card Reserve in Featherston by Featherston Athletics and the Featherston Amateur Swimming Club, attracted nearly 100 children and about 200 parents and volunteers.

The event pays homage to the legacy of athletics and swimming in Featherston, based on a format established by long-time athletics stalwart Ron Hughes and the swimming club's Jenny Roberts.

Organiser Anna Cox said the success has established the "Tri-Featherston" as an annual event.


"The last time this was run was seven years ago, and back then it was a very simple affair, 25 kids" she said.

"We felt it was high time to initiate it again."

She said the organisers were "absolutely overwhelmed" with the support.

"The three of us met yesterday, we looked at each other and said, we'd like to do this again next year.

"We have a feeling it will be bigger."

Mrs Cox said there had been enquiries about opportunities for college-age children to participate, which they will explore. "A lot of them were marshalls, and they saw how much fun the young kids were having."