Retailers who found themselves without carparks after the resealing of Featherston's main street will soon have them returned.

Last week the New Zealand Transport Agency carried out roadworks on Fitzherbert St.

After fresh road markings were laid on the newly resealed surface, the owners of two shops arrived at work to find broken yellow lines where their shopfront carparks once were.

The Town & Country Cafe and Fish & Chip Shop lost three carpark spaces.


Part-owner Glenice Lyall said she had been "dumbfounded" that she had not been consulted before the parks were scratched.

Mrs Lyall said she was visited yesterday by a representative of roading contractor Capital Journeys, who said she would have her carparks reinstated.

"They obviously came and had a look and saw how ridiculous it was."

Mrs Lyall said she had received an apology and was glad the problem had been rectified.

She estimated the loss of the carparks would have "taken away one quarter" of her business.

She was relieved her elderly regulars would soon be able to once again park out front of the shop, as would the many truck drivers who phoned their dinner orders through in advance.

"They just pull up there, run in and take off again."

Ms Lyall said many people in the town had been "up in arms" about the newly painted yellow lines.

Quinwah Takeaways had lost two carparks after the roadworks took place.

Owner Cara Yang said in just a few days this had already had a "terrible" impact on business and she had witnessed people slowing down for takeaways but not stopping.

"Because they saw there was no carpark they drove away.

"It's not very good for us," she said.

"Have you ever been to one restaurant without carparks? Everybody knows that a carpark for businesses is very important."

Mrs Yang said she received a visit yesterday from South Wairarapa District Council officials who said her two carparks would be reinstated.

"That's a good answer and good news for us," she said.

South Wairarapa District Council's chief executive Paul Crimp said the road makings had been in line with NZTA guidelines.

He said the council's roading engineer had met with NZTA representatives at the two affected sites.

"The outcome of this meeting was that the status quo would be reinstated as soon as NZTA can organise their road marking contractor.

"NZTA were satisfied that while guidelines will not now be followed in these cases, there is minimal if any impact to safety.

"We are pleased NZTA approached this with an open mind, and appreciate their quick response to the concerns raised," Mr Crimp said.