A man electrocuted while servicing the refrigeration units at Henergy Eggs in Masterton has died.

The 44-year-old from Masterton was thought to be an employee of Callister Electrical and Refrigeration.

He was given first aid and CPR by trained staff at the farm soon after the incident about 12.15pm yesterday.

Police, fire and ambulance were called and the man, yet to be named by police, was taken to Wairarapa Hospital's emergency department but had since died.


The death has been referred to the coroner.

Henergy Eggs' chief executive Graeme Napier said the staff were "all a bit shaken up".

"We just feel so sorry for the family. Our heart goes out to them and to the company [he worked for]."

A Worksafe investigation was under way and Mr Napier said the company would be carrying out their own internal investigation.

Mr Napier plans to call staff together at a suitable time to debrief them on what had happened and give them a chance to grieve together.

"We go through all sorts of training for incidents and our staff did everything they could."

A spokesman from the Wellington police district command centre said it was believed the man had been working on the roof at the time.

Henergy Eggs pioneered barn-raised egg production in New Zealand and has been in business since 1995.

Its chairman, Dougal Tylee chose not to talk about the incident yesterday, referring journalists to Mr Napier.

He said, in doing that, he was following a company policy.

When reporters called to Callister Electrical and Refrigeration later yesterday afternoon the business had closed.