The most expensive house sold in Wairarapa last year changed hands for $1.125 million.

The most expensive house was on Main St in Greytown, a historic house called Briarwood, which sold for $125,000 above its capital value (CV).

A house in Campbell Drive in Martinborough sold for $900,000 and one on Oxford St in Martinborough went for $869,500.

The cheapest house sold in Wairarapa last year went for $75,000 -- $3000 below its CV -- in Stuart Cres, Masterton.


A house on River Rd in Masterton sold for $77,000 and one on Opaki Rd in Masterton sold for $97,500.

Harcourts managing director Prue Hamill said Greytown was the highest priced area in Wairarapa.

"People pay for the village atmosphere and the convenience and the location ... "

She said Greytown was close to Wellington and attracted retirees.

"It has got lovely cafes, it's got a great community, great atmosphere down there," Ms Hamill said.

Harcourt's most expensive sale last year had been in Greytown, she said, and the company had already sold a more expensive house this year.

Ms Hamill said Masterton was the hub of Wairarapa with a wide range of houses, so the cheaper property prices were to be expected.

Confidence in the property market was increasing and there had been good interest from out of the area including from Wellington and Auckland, she said.

In 2014, the most expensive house in Wairarapa sold for $811,000 on McMaster St in Greytown, according to CoreLogic.

The next two most expensive houses were on Barlow Rd in Martinborough and in Kuratawhiti St in Greytown.

The cheapest house in Wairarapa in 2014 sold for $42,500 on Wallace St in Featherston.

The next two cheapest houses were on Kippenberger St in Masterton and Brandon St in Featherston.

Nationally, the three most expensive houses sold in 2015 were in Auckland. The most expensive was a house on Remuera's Victoria Ave, which sold for $13.99m.

The three cheapest houses sold were in Southland and the Bay of Plenty. The cheapest house sold for $12,000 on Birchwood Rd in Ohai, Southland. In 2014, the three most expensive houses nationwide were in Remuera and Parnell. The three cheapest sold were in Kawerau.

The CoreLogic data refers only to market-level confirmed residential sales. Some big sales may not be included if they are yet to settle.