The parents of the motorcyclist who died in a collision at Cape Palliser say their thoughts are with those who witnessed their son's death, and they hope they can meet them.

Marc Burgiss died when he collided with a four-wheel-drive vehicle on Cape Palliser Rd last Sunday.

Mother Trish Burgiss, Featherston, said they do not blame anyone else for their son's death, saying it must have been "horrifying" for the other people involved.

"When we were told, we wanted to know, how were the people who witnessed the situation."


She said their thoughts and prayers are with the witnesses.

"We know how traumatic it would have been for them," she said. "We know they will have to live with what they have seen. They are as much a victim in this as we are. We only have to live with the loss."

She said that road was Mr Burgiss' "Sunday road", which he travelled many times.

"We know it was speed, we know that Marc is dead from biking, we know nobody else created the situation. It was his time. If they would like to make contact with us, we would like to meet with them, speak with them."