The long-awaited update of Masterton's job creation barometer has happened.

In the last few days the barometer has unglued itself from the below 50 mark it has been registering since it was first erected six months back on the north wall of the Masterton District Council offices on the corner of Chapel St and Lincoln Rd.

Yesterday the barometer had shot up to 117 jobs, with the council confirming 98 jobs had been created since the barometer had been installed, presumably meaning the old figure had been static on 19.

The new jobs are all documented on a register at the council offices.


Businesses either expanding or planning to expand to take on more staff are being asked to help keep the mercury rising by getting in touch with the council on 06 370 6300, so they can be added to the register.

In the wake of the latest update six further jobs were notified yesterday and have been recorded, ready for inclusion on the next barometer update.