Police are reminding drivers to check their car registrations this summer after checkpoints found higher than usual numbers of cars with lapsed registrations.

Officers reported that most tickets issued at two police checkpoints on Pownall St and Colombo Rd last week were for out-of-date registrations.

Masterton Sergeant Ian Osland said during the summer holidays some drivers may have simply forgotten.

"Police are reminding members of the public to check their registration over the holiday period. Recent alcohol checks have uncovered a number of vehicles with lapsed registration. Fortunately most have qualified to receive compliance to have it corrected within the timeframe."


It was probably due to the time of year that the number of drivers without a valid registration was a "little bit elevated", Mr Osland said.

"I think it's probably conflicting demands for expenses this time of year and people distracted with the holidays."

When asked by police, most drivers said they had forgotten, he said.

Most of the drivers were issued with a $100 fine and 15 demerit points but qualified to have the ticket withdrawn if they renewed their registration within 14 days.

More than 10 tickets were issued at the two checkpoints and although exact numbers were not available, most were issued for lapsed registrations, Mr Osland said.

Police would be continuing to run checkpoints throughout the summer.

"People are on holiday and people drink through the night and with the lower alcohol limits people can still be over the limit at 9am in the morning -- and then there are the people having lunches and things."