Eketahuna could be the next Greytown or Martinborough, according to resident and interior design business owner Glenn McDean, who says the town is really starting to pick up.

Mr McDean and Roger Musgrove have just expanded their Eketahuna-based business Sarah Jones Recycled Interiors, saying their shop is getting "busier and busier".

"Businesses are thriving here and I'm in over my head with redoing the furniture," he said.

"I've just been to Palmy and back and I've got another four loads to pick up for people to have their furniture painted by us. Business is coming from everywhere."


Mr McDean said it was up to the businessowners in Eketahuna to make the most of the increased attention from people in the small town, and "to make sure the place stays busy" because "it could be the next Greytown".

"I think it's starting to happen now. There's more people coming, and you say to them, whereabouts are you headed to today, and they say, no we're coming to you. It's great.

"And Sarah Jones is just growing and growing, it's getting well known by people from everywhere. People are actually coming to Eketahuna. One day here last week, the street was just so busy, we just couldn't believe it."

Tararua District Council has been consulting the town about a $430,000 makeover for Eketahuna's centre which is hoped to encourage travellers to stop and spend time there.