With the exception of two councillors, Masterton District Council are in support of the location of the northern roundabout for the hanging sculpture commissioned by the Aratoi Foundation.

Councillors Brent Goodwin and Simon Donoghue opposed Mayor Lyn Patterson's movement to support the use of the northern roundabout in Wednesday's council meeting.

Mr Goodwin expressed his concern that council should discuss alternatives with the public before supporting the proposed sculpture for the roundabout.

"I ask that council delays this decision," Mr Goodwin said.


"I think the sculpture may look okay, but with the supporting poles we may run into some problems with four 8-metre poles around the periphery of it.

"And also, I'm aware of some people saying they may like to suggest something else.

"It's really only just gone before the public a couple of weeks ago and I think it's a bit hasty to be giving it our backing without discussing it with our community for alternatives."

Councillor Gary Caffell backed the proposed sculpture and seconded the motion to support the northern roundabout location.

"We're aware that there are other plans for [the roundabout]," Mr Caffell said.

"Personally I think the sculpture is outstanding.

"And I do remember that I was the one who seconded the first motion on the pou so I might not have the greatest record on this, but I thought the sculpture is outstanding and I believe that it will add something to the town."

Mrs Patterson said because Masterton's the roundabout was on the state highway, NZTA had jurisdiction over the land's use, not the council.


"How I see it is that though this isn't our bit of land, it is an entranceway to our town," Mrs Patterson said.

"So just picking [up on] what councillor Caffell has said, I think we have a golden opportunity here that this is not only a national, but an international sculptor who has connections to Masterton."

Mrs Patterson was advised on Tuesday that the power needed for the installation of the sculpture is "only LED lighting and they are sufficient to link into our streetlight network which is around the perimeter of the roundabout".

"As I have said around this table time and time again, 50 per cent of people will love it 50 per cent will hate it and we need to get on and make a decision and allow this project to continue," Mrs Patterson said.

"If we wait for everybody in the community to sign it off, how long will we sit here and wait?"