Masterton's Lucy Cruikshank sang for her supper on national television on Tuesday night, as part of her debut in the MasterChef series.

Miss Cruikshank sang a few lines of the national anthem in Maori at the judge's request, before presenting the Wairarapa Spring Medley dish which won her a place in the top 25.

The dish was based around butterfish caught off the Wairarapa coast, and was accompanied with other local ingredients such as cheese, olive oil and tomatoes.

She said a large part of entering the competition was to promote Wairarapa products because she owns Pure Wairarapa, a company which promotes artisan foods to high class restaurants.


"I thought I'd give it a go," she said.

Miss Cruikshank met show judge Simon Gault at one of his restaurants in Auckland halfway through last year and who she convinced to give her a chance at the show. Mr Gault said: "I'll get you an audition but the rest is up to you."

She said experiencing the show was awesome and the contestants were fantastic.

"A lot of people had really put a lot of their time and careers and a whole lot on the line for it," she said. "Some people had to resign from work to do it, so that was the type of level of competition."

See how Lucy gets on when MasterChef airs on TV One at 7.30 on Tuesday nights.