A number of Matamata College students have been expelled from school after being involved in violent fights.

Matamata College Board of Trustees and principal Alan Munro, confirmed in a statement to parents, there had been "a couple of violent incidents" on its grounds in recent weeks which had led to police being involved.

He described the incidents as "very disgusting and disturbing".

Footage of the assaults was being shared on social media which the school said encouraged students on the fringes of the incidents to retaliate and the school urged parents to help stop them being shared online.


The college had suspended the students involved in the violent behaviour before expelling them from the school.

"Matamata College is a place of education. 99 per cent of our students come to school, are engaged and are happy to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Unfortunately several students have let themselves down with this abhorrent behaviour," the statement said.