Artist Andrew McLeod is known for his work in various media - producing paintings, oil and digital prints, 'zines, textiles and black metal T-shirts - and now rings, having lent his hand to a collaborative collection with jewellery label Meadowlark.

The rings, in sterling silver or 9ct gold softly burnished and blackened, are based on a series of McLeod's drawings. The large, geometric shapes draw on signet rings and American championship rings, sans the bling. Instead, there's the dark humour of intricate symbols: rams' heads, a tree of life, pentagrams, shattered glass, and, on the Death by Work ring, pliers, scales and worker bees symbolic of labour, and the "modern-day plague of overwork".

McLeod met Meadowlark's Greg Fromont and Claire Hammon through designer James Dobson of Jimmy D, and went on to produce the textiles for a couch in their office.

McLeod is no stranger to designer collaborations, having previously worked with Dobson several times on textile prints.


"It's a nice relief from my usual artistic life as a painter, where I'm all alone in my head working on long laborious projects," he explains of these fashion collaborations.

"Working with others is nice for a change. Also, it's nice how fashion is a very popular interest. Most of my friends get the fashion and design stuff more than my paintings."

Andrew McLeod for Meadowlark rings, from $399.