What you wear sends subtle messages about power, attitudes and taste, but sometimes a more direct approach is required. Enter slogans, the 80s favourite making a comeback in a time where everyone has something to say in 140 characters or less.

Though the fashion slogans of the past made ethical and political statements (Vivienne Westwood's "Destroy", Katharine Hamnett's protest tees), today the focus is much more commercial, with branding at Dior, Christopher Kane, Moschino, Alexander Wang, Ashish and Marc Jacobs (they both partnered with - and no doubt were paid handsomely by - Coca Cola).

Karen Walker's slogans, appearing on T-shirts, sweaters and clutches, take the political - the suffragettes' pinafores and canvas bags boldly printed with their protestations - and interpret it with sardonic, snappy statements on modern life: Hello and Goodbye, Faster, Better, Stronger, Young, Willing and Eager, Liberal, Miserable and Cynical.

The oversized clutch bags ($220) were shown in New York in February, and a very limited selection arrives in store today. To spell it out in slogan speak: buy one now!