Himalayan salt has become a gourmet go-to, leaving poor old Cerebos for dead. The rose-coloured rock, reputedly far healthier than the refined, white kind, is now a common sight in restaurants, homes (as seasoning and in the form of lamps) and in supermarkets - but now its uses are becoming even more unusual.

Seasoning addicts will be excited by this Himalayan rock salt cooking tile, a clever - and strangely beautiful - cooking, curing and flavouring device.

Thanks to the mineral's natural heat-retentive qualities, it's perfect for cooking meat and seafood - serve sashimi on it, heat under the grill then saute steak at the table, or grill prawns by placing the tile over your barbecue flames. You can even chill salmon on the tile in the fridge for a few days, marinating it to perfection.

The Healthy Salt Company who import the tiles are a BioGro certified company, meaning the salt comes from a sustainable source - making this guilt-free, and affordable, giving. The marbled texture and rose glow would look beautiful on a Christmas table-top too.


Buy one for the foodie in your life for $42 from Clarks Organic Butchery. Ph (09) 818 6526.