Ahead of his bout at UFC Fight Night Singapore, Shane Young said he would display what "a real Shane Young" was capable of.

After taking his first UFC fight on eight days notice in November, the 24-year old was eager to make the most of his chance against Rolando Dy on Saturday night.

Unsurprisingly, "a real Shane Young" can do some damage.

Young, the first to fight under the Tino Rangatiratanga flag, put on a strong display against the ex-boxer from the Philippines - utilising his full toolbox to end the fight in the second round.


After taking the win, the Kiwi used the platform of his post-bout interview to give the company a taste of the Māori language, opening his interview with a kōrero in Te Reo.

Shane Young was the first UFC fighter to fly the Tino Rangatiratanga flag. Photo / Getty Images
Shane Young was the first UFC fighter to fly the Tino Rangatiratanga flag. Photo / Getty Images

Young, who trains out of Auckland's City Kickboxing gym, set the tone for the bout at the opening whistle, declining Dy's offer to touch gloves before they went at each other.

Instead, Young went right to work and started on the front foot getting plenty of use out of his right-hand hook.

The two traded some good blows in the first round, but Young was getting the better of the exchanges. Successfully taking down Dy in the opening round, it was one to Young when the bell rang for the second.

The Kiwi looked to take the fight to the mat early in the second round, but with no success.

When that failed, Young played Dy's stand and bang game, showing his power and unleashing on Dy to earn the stop with about 20 seconds remaining in the second round.

It was a much more confident display from Young than his official debut in November. On short notice, Young's debut saw him outmatched by Australian Alexander Volkanovski and lose by decision.

But with a seven-week training camp under his belt, Young entered Singapore ready to get to work and it showed in the octagon.

The Kiwi landed 118 strikes in the bout, 109 of which were deemed significant, and was successful with one of seven takedown attempts.

He moves to 12-4 for his professional MMA career, and levels his UFC record at 1-1.