A MMA fighter has suffered a horrific arm injury after refusing to tap out, with the footage being posted on Instagram.

According to Sports Illustrated, jiu-jitsu expert Dimitri Salem was on the gruesome receiving end of an armlock by Ethan Crelinsten during a trial fight.

The incident reportedly took place during the ADCC West Coast MMA trials in Anaheim, Los Angeles during the weekend.

According to SI.com, Salem was locked up in a kimura hold and after refusing to tap out and concede defeat, Crelinsten put more pressure on his arm. The result was a snapping of his forearm.


The footage was posted on Instagram by user Flograppling with the comment: "Absolutely brutal submission. Not for the faint of heart."

It's already received views from more than 83,000 brave souls knowingly clicking on a video of a person having their arm snapped.