If you're never more chuffed than with a cigar in hand, here's where you can puff at sea, writes Megan Singleton.

With smoking restrictions in place the world over, it's increasingly difficult to find a suitable, non-judgy venue to chuff on a fine cigar. Especially at sea, where even smoking on your balcony is mostly prohibited.

But if you like a cigar and a cheeky cognac of an evening to feel like James Spader, then you will be pleased to know these five cruise ships have lounge bars just for you.


You won't find any puffing about this room on the ship's website, they're way too discrete for that. But rest assured you can fire up in Churchill's Cigar Lounge aboard Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria. Photos of the great leader line the wood-panelled walls with comfy chairs to chuff the night away. They also have a cigar list of Cubans and Dominicans if you didn't BYO.


Norwegian Cruise Line

NCL has a gentlemanly cigar bar called Humidor on the Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Pearl, Norwegian Dawn and Norwegian Spirit. In accordance with its name, it has a fully stocked humidor, wood-panelled walls, comfy leather armchairs and a list of signature cocktails.

Princess Cruises

Head to the Speakeasy Cigar Lounge onboard Princess cruise ships. The cigarette smokers tend to hang out here during the day, but of an evening, this well ventilated lounge with sumptuous seating arranged in alcoves is great for a quiet chuff with friends. Choose your stick from the humidor and sit back with a port to discuss important things.


The Connoisseur's Corner doesn't trumpet its fine selection of cognacs and cigars, but when you step in you can smell the rich tobacco that has permeated the furniture. It looks like a gentlemen's club with dome-studded leather couches and wooden floors covered in rugs. Glass cabinets hold top shelf spirits and you can buy your cigars here.

MSC Cruises

The Cigar Lounges on MSC Cruises are probably the most spectacular with a bright ceiling centerpiece and cascading curtains masquerading as art on the walls. Sink into a lounge suite and order your spirit of choice. Warning: this is the only inside room for smoking so you may be joined by ciggy smokers. But hey, we're not tobacco-ist!

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