A UK man caught trying to smuggle cocaine into Belgium by hiding it in an artificial penis has been told he could face over two years in prison.

The man was arrested in February when he arrived at Brussels airport on a flight from Jamaica.

He initially failed a drugs test, with border agents detecting the presence of cocaine.

He was taken to a local hospital for further examination, where officials found that he had secreted 127g of cocaine inside an artificial penis.


The arrested man told investigators that he was visiting his mother in Jamaica when an acquaintance offered him cocaine.

He said he took the drug for personal use only, planning to take it when he returned home.

Although prosecutors could not prove that the man was acting as a drug "mule" for an organised group, they still asked for a sentence of 36 months.

His defence argued that he was in poor health and would suffer from a custodial sentence.

"My client has kidney failure and needs to exercise as well as follow a proper diet," his lawyer argued.

The man will be sentenced on June 24.

He's not the first Brit to allegedly use his private parts to hide the drug, with a Newcastle man arrested in 2018 for hiding a small bag of cocaine in the same area.

James Mason told officers "f**k off you're not searching me before saying "ha ha, told you I had f*** all on us, you mugs", when they found nothing in his pockets.


The 21-year-old was arrested for being drunk and disorderly after swearing at police one too many times after an incident at a student accommodation.

But on the way to the police station officers witnessed Mason fiddling with his socks before putting his hands down his pants.

When they reached the station police demanded he was strip-searched.

Mason then "removed his trousers, pulled back his foreskin and pulled a white bag of powder from his penis".

"The defendant was asked what it was and replied that it was cocaine," prosecutor Bethany Jendrzejewski said.

Mason was fined £120 ($230) after he admitted possession of a Class A drug and being drunk and disorderly in a public place.


Magistrates said they had "rarely seen such an example of foolish adolescent behaviour".