Footage of a tourist in Venice falling underwater while trying to take a selfie during the city's recent flooding has left Twitter in stitches.

The video shows the man wading through floodwater in the city to take a selfie.

It doesn't take him long to take an unfortunate plunge.

"I'm going to hell for laughing," the Twitter user who shared the viral video posted as a caption.


The video has now been viewed more than 6.4 million times, and counting.

People thought the video was hilarious.

"He may drown … but he's going to try to save that phone," one person said.

"I can't stop watching or laughing," another Twitter user replied.

Other social media users tried to warn about the health risks of falling in floodwaters.

"Because walking into a body of toxic, polluted, bacteria-ridden, microscopic sewage-filled water seemed like a good idea. For his sake, I hope his next stop was a hospital," one person said.