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My husband and I will be travelling from Amsterdam to Auckland, mid-August. En route, we will stop over at Shanghai, Pudong for 10 hours. Do you have any suggestions as to where we could go, or what we could do, in this time?
Jo Emerson

Shanghai's subway system is easy to navigate so you can rely on that to get you around without any hassle. Take the maglev train into the city — this is an experience in itself.
The world's fastest commercially operating train, it reaches speeds of 430km/h and covers 30km in eight minutes, as it levitates on two magnets. The airport line runs to Longyang Rd on the outskirts of Shanghai, where you can transit to other metro lines.

For shopping, you can't beat Nanjing Rd, which you can get to on the number 2 subway line. Also known as "China's Shopping Street", it stretches for about 5.5km and you can find just about anything you'd want to buy here. If you walk the length of the road, you'll end up at The Bund — another must-see on a short visit.


The Bund is on the west bank of Huangpu River and is an architectural journey through Shanghai's colonial history — it's known as "the museum of buildings".

The former French Concession is also around here — it's an area that will make you feel like you've been transplanted to Paris.

It's touristy, so get there early if you're looking for a quieter experience — the morning is also a good time to experience the lifestyles of local people, who come here to practice tai chi and go jogging. After strolling down the promenade of the Bund, you could also consider a river cruise — you'll find options ranging from 30 minutes to three hours.

Following that, I'd recommend walking around by yourself and seeing what you can find — it's the best way to get a feel for a place and you can often find some interesting food if you follow your nose.

After a snack, you should definitely visit the Old City, a large area that remained walled when the city was divided into foreign concessions — in fact, if there's one place you should go on your stopover, it's this. Explore this bustling warren of traditional architecture, temples, markets and shops and be teleported back to ancient China.

Nearby, you'll find Yuyuan Garden, an exquisite Chinese garden built more than 400 years ago.

If you'd like to get a bird's eye view of the city, you could also visit the Oriental Pearl Tower, the most iconic building on the Shanghai skyline. If your stopover crosses over into the evening, save this one for later — the night views are truly spectacular. For a similar experience, Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China with the fastest lifts in the world — they go to the 118th floor observatory at 18 metres a second.

Whatever you decide to do, you're sure to find something to keep you occupied in this busy city.


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