We've all heard how if millennials could just forgo their precious smashed avocado on toast, they might be able to buy a house one day.

In reality, the money you'd save from this brunch treat doesn't add up to a house deposit in Auckland by any stretch of the imagination... but it could be enough to save up for a memorable overseas trip.

If you're tired of lusting over your friends' Instagram pictures of incredible destinations, this easy savings guide from Skyscanner New Zealand could help you reach your goal.

By cutting out these treats, you could save $6460 a year — which is enough take you on a grand tour of Europe and then some.


Cutting out avocado on toast at a fancy cafe each week ($19), would net you $988 a year — or a flight to Sri Lanka, from $807 return.

Instead of a weekly meal at a Japanese restaurant ($18), you could save $936 a year and enjoy the real deal in Tokyo, from $752 return.

Or — instead of your daily coffee fix ($4.50) — take advantage of your work's coffee machine and you could save $1642.50 for some café au lait in Paris, the city of love (from $1190 return).

Check out the full infographic for more travel saving tips: