To be completely honest, and I've been all over the world with my work, when my wife and I were on tour with My Cat From Hell, the one place that we fantasised about getting off the merry-go-round and disappearing was New Zealand. We spent time in both Auckland and Wellington. The culture of cats in New Zealand was refreshing, the people were amazing, and while there we began scheming about how we could return and explore the gorgeous nature in your country — hopefully that will be soon!


Cat behaviourist Jackson Galaxy.
Cat behaviourist Jackson Galaxy.

The only bad memory I have in all my travels was unfortunately at the end of a long Asian publicity tour. My wife and I finally were going to take a few days in Bali, at which point I got completely sick and spent three days staring at the ceiling of my hotel room. That said, ever since then, I've become really careful about taking vitamins and supplements while travelling, sanitising my hands often, and generally doing the little things (including sleep) that keep me healthy.

Cat behaviourist Jackson Galaxy is the ambassador for Pet Month, on Animal Planet throughout July, and the host of 'My Cat From Hell', Saturdays, 6.40pm.