A neurosurgeon is suing Austrian Airlines after he claims his pinky finger was snatched in a tray table, causing him to lose consciousness from the pain.

Dr David Walker, from Brisbane, has filed a suit against the airline in the Queensland Federal Court, claiming he has been permanently disabled by the alleged incident and has suffered from depression as a result, according to The Brisbane Times.

It is unknown how much the surgeon will request in compensation.

Dr Walker said he was travelling in business class to Manchester on July 5 last year, via Bangkok and Vienna, when the crew unfolded his tray table from his armrest before serving dinner.


The brain and spine surgeon said the cabin crew didn't fold the table back into the armrest and when he tried it "snapped back suddenly without warning."

"The fifth finger on the right hand of the Applicant became jammed in between two of the parts of the horizontal tray-table resulting in severe pain and injury," a statement of claim presented to the court said.

Dr Walker and his son worked for several seconds before they were able to unjam his finger.

"Due to the severe pain and realisation of the injury to the finger, the Applicant lost consciousness briefly."

Dr Walker's lawyer told the court the surgeon fractured his finger and that the pinky has an "intra-articular extension."

The statement of claim also says the physician has damage to his nail bed and soft tissue, which has caused him to lose income, according to The Brisbane Times.