Most holidaymakers - especially those who head abroad on a budget - have hotel horror stories from their travels.

But it turns out some have had it far worse than others.

In a new thread on Reddit, anonymous users have shared their worst experiences at hotels - from finding used condoms left behind by previous guests to being walked in on by strangers in the middle of a passionate act.

Disgusting surprises under the covers


With hotel maids admitting to rarely changing the sheets, guests never know what they are going to find when they pull back the covers of their bed.

One Reddit user, called TheGazorpazorpParker, user had a disgusting surprise at a hotel room in Dallas, Texas.

They wrote: "Woke up in the morning, started to pack things. Couldn't find my phone. Took the comforter off and there was a used condom right next to where I was sleeping."

Another user, 17girlsinarow, was staying in Daytona Beach, Florida, on a work trip when they had to call the front desk for new sheets.

They wrote: "I was down there working and had a super long, stressful day. Finally time for bed... Pull the covers back, and blood. A bunch of it.

Cockroaches in the bathtub

Reddit user softandteeth was treated to a not-so-romantic stay at a hotel as a birthday gift from her boyfriend.

There's nothing like sharing a room with a few of these. Photo / Flickr / Nasrullah Taha
There's nothing like sharing a room with a few of these. Photo / Flickr / Nasrullah Taha

The mother of a young child was looking for a good night's sleep, but the hotel was 'the nastiest place', with stained bed sheets and bad smells.


Her sleep was ruined when her boyfriend's phone went off at 5am, so she decided to have a relaxing bath.

She wrote: "I go into the bathroom, turn on the light. At least 15 cockroaches are just chillin in the tub. Couldn't get out of there fast enough."

The strangest room upgrade ever

User bayareabrunette 'worst hotel experience' ended with their arrest - and a room upgrade - after getting drunk in Las Vegas.

They went back to their hotel room and climbed into the hot tub, but fell asleep.
The hot tub overflowed and water leaked into the room below.

The Redditor wrote: 'I was awoken by the LVPD arresting me for destruction of property. Mug shot and prints taken in the room, once I paid the insurance deductible the charges were dropped.

"The manager at the front desk said I was the most responsible guest to ever destroy two rooms, so she upgraded me the next two nights to a suite."

'The special room'

Redditor LuvinMclovin was on holiday in the UK and preparing for a visit to York when he met a man who was a 'big cheese in a hotel chain'.

The 'big cheese' told him to tell the manager of a hotel in York they were friends to get an upgrade to 'the special room'.

They wrote: "My wife is laying in the bed and she says did you spill water? No I said. It turned out somebody had peed on the mattress and my wife had slept on it all night."

Caught in the act

Redditor MissSara13 was travelling from the Midwest to the Southwest with her now ex-husband when they stopped overnight in Albuquerque.

After checking in they climbed into bed and received the surprise of their lives.

She wrote: "Unbeknownst to us, the front desk clerk accidentally gave another couple our room and activated another key card.

"We discovered this mid-coitus as the door flew open. My husband quickly threw the comforter over my naked body and jumped up and slammed the door shut."

Gunshots in the middle of the night

User bunnylebowski1 was staying at a budget hotel in Las Vegas when a man pounded on her door at 2am.

She wrote: 'I can see feet under the door and I just stayed as still and quiet as possible. He kept pounding and pounding on the door.

"I had that horrible feeling that something very terrible was about to happen."

The man stood there in silence for a few minutes before he pounded on the door again and left.

She added: "Less than a minute later we heard four gunshots down the hall. I have never been so scared in my life."

The next morning a front desk worker claimed to know nothing about the gunshots.

When insects attack

Reddit user s0undslikepuget was on a long road trip when they stopped at a budget hotel in Topeka, Kansas, to save money.

After crawling into bed, the immediately felt something crawling on their leg.

The Reddit user wrote: "I throw the cover off, and insects are all over my legs. I get dressed and get out of there PRONTO."

They got a refund and spent the night at a nicer hotel across the street.

Hotel room out of a horror film

Several Reddit users shares stories about creepy workers and rooms that were out of a horror film.

One user, fattypattyy, had such an experience when she checked into a motel on a road trip with her cousin.

When she checked in she was creeped out by the front desk worker, who told her he finished work at 11pm and gave her 'the best room' - right above his apartment in the motel.

Things got even worse once they entered the room.

She wrote: "We quickly realise the conjoining door to the next room is open and has no way to lock. We see scratches down the walls and dents in the walls - signs of a struggle."

The deadbolt on the door was broken off and there was no way to latch it shut, and the peephole was covered with plastic.

She added: "Just then, my mom saw some photos I sent her of the room and sends back two works: 'leave now'."

They left and spent the night at a chain hotel, calling it a near-death experience.