Strictly speaking, Kermit, this is about your tour, isn't it, rather than your vacation experiences? That's a bit cheeky, really. Tell us about the ingredients of the show that will draw an international audience?

As a group, the Muppets have been around for a very long time, and we were at one time in, like, 106 different countries, so we're still sort of known around the world.

What themes might extend beyond your home of the US? What will international audiences relate to?

Well, we have Muppets from all over the world, you know? Certain members of our little troupe aren't from the US, like Pepe the Prawn, for instance! He is most definitely from Madrid. At least that's what he tells us. And I certainly am a little shy about going
to France. I like the French, it's nothing personal. It's just hard to go to a country where you are an appetiser. That's tough.


I think people watch what goes on with us - all us frogs, bears, pig and chickens and rats - and they sort of oddly see some sort of reflection of themselves, you know?

And I think that's sort of our appeal everywhere.

How does this translate overseas? What stuff do you talk about?
There are frogs in showbiz everywhere except maybe Iceland, because it's very
cold. It's interesting you mention translation. I am from America, so I speak English and I speak Frog, so it's not necessary to dub those two languages. But in countries around the world we are often dubbed into their languages. So we may be dubbed where you are.

Thanks, but we understand you just fine, Kermit. Will the show do any travelling?
Mostly it centres around a late-night show we're doing called Up Late with Miss Piggy. It's sort of a chat show where she brings on many celebrity guests and that sort of thing. And you'll see Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Band is the house band. Fozzie Bear is sort of the stand-up host who is her sidekick, you know? And mostly it's our lives, sort of, in Los Angeles where we're shooting the show. You know, you'll probably get to see my house, my little place, stuff like that.

Best of luck!
Thank you very much and I should say that we love our fans all over the world. It's very important to us.

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