Travel Editor Winston Aldworth checks out the creature comforts aboard the airline's newest addition to the local fleet.

So, this is the height of luxury.

The Singapore Airlines A380 that arrived at Auckland Airport today brought with it a double first-class suite.

With sliding doors and blinds, these suites provide total privacy for those who fly at the front of the plane. Naturally you can dine when you want, from a select meal accompanied by the finest wines (hard to go past the 2004 Dom Perignon, I'd imagine).

Fancy a stroll? Economy class is down the hall, go see how the other half lives.


Fancy flying return to London in this kind of luxury? You won't get a lot of change back from $15,000.

There are 12 of these fabulous suites in the first-class section of the plane, each containing a full-sized lie-flat bed. The suites in the middle of the plane connect, giving you and your travel partner a double first-class suite at a price that would make a decent deposit on a first home in the provinces.

Just the thing for when your private jet is at the workshop.

One industry insider told me the suites in the airline's 19 A380s are generally about 80 percent full, but said for the start of the the service out of Auckland Singapore Airlines would probably be happy to reach 50 percent.

Singapore Airlines' A380 is running a daily service out of Auckland. The launch of the service yesterday means for the first time travellers can go from Auckland to Europe aboard an A380 with just one stop along the way.

First-class highs
Etihad: The Residence is a three-bedroom suite that comes - as all air travel should - with an onboard butler and an inflight personal chef.

Emirates A380: Passengers have access to the bar at the back of Business Class and can enjoy a shower inflight.

Cathay Pacific: The Hong Kong-based airline serves Krug Grand Cuvee champagne. For breakfast, they'll cook your eggs anyway you fancy.


Singapore Airline's new A380, after landing in Auckland this morning to start its summer season on a none-too summery day. Photo / Grant Bradley