Do you travel light or heavy?

I try to travel light, but with ample luggage space because, going on tour around the world, I always end up buying loads of new gadgets and stuff.

Cattle or first class?
Quite often I'm lucky enough to get upgraded to the poor man's first class - the emergency exit row in economy. That little bit of extra legroom makes a world of difference when you're flying 30-plus hours. I played in Australia at the weekend and was shocked to find that Qantas have now begun charging for emergency exit row seats. I was quite distraught.

I can't travel without...
Macbook, iPhone, iPad, external hard drive for movies and making music on the road/inflight, sunglasses, inflatable neck rest pillow, Valium, sleep goggles, and most importantly, earplugs or noise cancellation headphones.

What's the best thing you've brought back from a trip?
After some tours, I feel like I'm lucky to arrive home with my sanity. But seriously, some very cool antique Japanese ornaments from Shibuya, some very, very cool radio-controlled airplanes from Hong Kong (for my son of course - I'm far too old for awesome stuff like that). And always, very amazing music, direct from some of the leading producers who I've met and worked with on my journeys.

Favourite or most exciting airport to land in?
There are a few of them, Heathrow, because it means that I've reached my EU destination and can relax for a few days, and will be surrounded by some of my favourite people in my life who I don't see very often. Tokyo-Narita, because it means I'm in my favourite country on the planet. LAX because it means I'm about to embark on a US tour, which is always a few weeks of absolute fun times and mayhem. Or Auckland, because it means I'm home.

Most memorable trip?
That would have to be my first UK/EU/US tour in 2002. That tour kicked off with me, Salmonella Dub, Fat Freddy's Drop and Concord Dawn playing at Fabric to 2000 screaming Kiwis and fans of Kiwi music. It was six weeks of playing at the very best clubs and festivals in places like London, Paris, Madrid, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Belgrade, Holland, New York, LA, Seattle, Austin, Atlanta, Nashville, Miami, Puerto Rico, and headlining alongside DJs and producers who I considered to be my musical heroes at the time. It was an amazing experience, and very inspiring.

What do you do while on the plane?
Enjoy a nice whiskey, ease into a couple of movies, chat up air hostesses, and generally make myself at home for the journey. I like to try and help put the class back into economy class.

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