I have been watching with much interest as the Onehunga branch railway line has been refurbished. Well done.

I am also watching the amazing progress of the new SH20 bridge across the Manukau Harbour, but I am confused as to why the rail line has been terminated around Galway St in Onehunga, instead of continuing to the port and, of course, over the bridge.

Am I missing something, or is the bridge being built without consideration for rail services to the airport? Hopefully the delay here is just to decide on the location of the Onehunga passenger station. Please tell me the bridge will have rail capability, or at least the capacity for future rail as funds become available. Umesh Dayal, Auckland.

It seems that just about everyone has a hand in this. Ontrack, who own and manage New Zealand's rail network on behalf of the Government, has repaired the existing single track line and done all the below-track work, including rails, signals and level crossings.


The Auckland Regional Transport Authority is working with Ontrack to enable passenger services to resume. Initially they will run between Newmarket and Onehunga, and in the future services will be offered between Britomart and Onehunga as well. The hope is to have things up and running by January next year.

The line currently finishes at Galway St and can't go any further until the station locations have been decided.

At some time in the future it is planned to extend the line through to the airport. With this in mind, ARTA has been working with the NZ Transport Agency during the planning of the new SH20 Manukau Harbour Crossing to future-proof the bridge for a rail connection to the airport.

In addition to passenger services, there are plans to use the Onehunga branch line for freight. Ontrack is responsible for this, and is presently in negotiation with port authorities and other commercial interests along the line with regard to line requirements and cost allocation.

Perhaps you could kindly clarify a manoeuvre. I was driving along Glengarry Rd from West Coast Rd to Glen Eden. At the top of the hill I indicated that I was turning right into Philip Ave. To my surprise, a vehicle emerged in front of me from Philip Ave and turned right down Glengarry Rd.

I checked later and noted there was no white line at the junction of Glengarry and Philip. I was not aware that I had to give way to a car coming from my right from a minor road. However, the other driver seemed to be absolutely certain that he took precedence. I would welcome your guidance. Patrick Robertson, West Auckland.

The other driver was in the right. The Road Code clearly states that at an uncontrolled intersection, which this is, you must give way to all right-turning vehicles coming from your right, irrespective of whether the road is major or minor.

I turn right from a main road into a one-way street with two lanes. What is the rule with traffic from the opposite direction turning left? Do they give way to me? I need to turn into a driveway almost immediately after the intersection and need the left lane. Kathy Howie, Auckland.

You should both be able to turn at the same time, and the Road Code says that you may.

The left-turning vehicle turns into the left lane on your one-way street, and you turn into the right-hand lane. You would then have to indicate your intention to turn into your driveway and wait until there is a gap in the left-turning traffic before you do so.