A talent agency has released a bizarre casting call for "funky looking" Kiwis to feature in the Lord of The Rings television series — which is tipped to resume pre-production next month in West Auckland.

BGT Actors Models & Talent has urged Kiwis to "tag a friend" who may be interested to work on the set, but they are not looking for any average Joe.

The agency said it was looking for "unusual" looking people who have great availability, live in Auckland or a resident and have the rights to work in New Zealand.

The agency asked the public to apply if they have the following characteristics.


"Do you have an overbite, face burns, long skinny limbs, deep cheekbones, lines on your face, acne scars, ears that stick out, bulbous or interesting noses, small eyes, big eyes, Skinny faces, missing bones?" the agency asked.

For those who are "funky looking", the agency wanted a photo sent through. The ad has since been taken down.

The post also featured photos of a range of people who have been used in a US campaign to warn against the dangers of meth use.

It also included Mighty Ducks actor Shaun Weiss, who has publically battled drug addiction.

After sharing the post on local Facebook pages, many have jokingly tagged their friends — that obviously don't fit the bill.

Amazon's giant Lord of the Rings shoot is set to resume in West Auckland next month, an insider earlier told the Herald.

The same person tipped the suspension of production on March 15 due to the pandemic, leaving hundreds of cast members and crew stranded in Auckland as the hiatus turned into a multi-month layover.