Comedy radio duo Jono and Ben are about to return to our TV screens as they take on their first roles with TVNZ.

The pair are set to host TVNZ 2's "pawesome" reality show Dog Almighty.

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TVNZ director of content Cate Slater said they were "thrilled" to welcome Jono and Ben to TVNZ.


"It will be fantastic to see them bring their comedic prowess to a big, loud and unique reality show like Dog Almighty."

The show aims to find New Zealand's most talented pup as the boys try to keep a leash on their furry co-stars.

TVNZ is on the hunt for New Zealand's most talented pooch. Photo / TVNZ
TVNZ is on the hunt for New Zealand's most talented pooch. Photo / TVNZ

The dogs and their owners will be tested on their obedience and agility to compete for a take-home prize of $100,000.

"We can't wait to see what these amazing dogs can do," Jono said.

"The best Ben's beloved dog Beau can do is eat food off the dining room table when no one is around and steal the bloke next door's underwear from the washing line!"

"Many thought our TV career had gone to the dogs, now, it literally has!" Ben added.

Canines and their owners must master a series of challenges to take home the cash and the coveted golden dog bowl trophy. Some of the challenges are filmed on location and some in a specially designed, purpose-built "Doggydome".

The series will be on screens later this year on TVNZ 2. The series is produced by Great Southern Television.